Quick Printer Needs Self Service PC Solution


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Hi all,

We do traditional offset and high volume digital, and also have a few self service copiers in our building for customers to use. We are constantly asked about a self-service PC for customers to use. I am very apprehensive to providing this, as I see it as a security risk. I know some of you have found ways to provide this to your customers, so I'm really just here to pick your brains.

What kind of system did you set up?
Is it connected to all of your machines, or just B&W printers?
How are you handling the potential security risk of them jumping on your network and seeing/taking customer files?
How often are the machines needed to be wiped if someone downloads a virus?
What are you charging? I like the idea of x per the first 10 minutes and x per minute after.
What type of programs have you put on the machine? I'm not sure if I should be paying $60 per month for Adobe CC if most people that have it probably just have a laptop anyways. Office 365 seems about it.
How do you protect the customer's information? Do you have a program that sets everything back to x state when the user logs off?
Anything else I should know?

Thank you for any answers!


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We run a small digital shop and have been providing a self service PC for our customers for years. We use an old laptop (saves space on the counter) running XP - it is isolated from our networks except for access to one printer - which is also our self serve copier. We charge $2.50 to use the station for most work (checking emails etc.) covers about 10 minutes of time. If they need more - we will charge accordingly - if they need help - charge accordingly. We also charge for printing material - standard self serve rates for Black and White - any colour printing they need - one of our staff has to handle it from another work station - charge accordingly. Doesn't make huge revenue but is a service for many customers and we do get some other business from having it. Trick is not to spend much on the equipment, all we have loaded is Microsoft Office and Acrobat - no other software needed or wanted on a self serve. Anything above the basics is where we come in and charge accordingly.

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