Recommendations: Wide Format Rip or Layout Software?


At home I have a HP Wide Format (T790ps) and all I really can find to use is HP Click (which is a joke). If I want to do any multi-layups I have to do it in InDesign and then export as a PDF. It's brutal having previously come from a shop with wide format rip software.

I've been doing some research on various programs, but everything I am finding is way too expensive for personal use. Can anyone recommend a program that is reasonably priced?


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Explain what you mean by reasonably priced?

Does the T790ps use a os level printer driver? If so what OS?


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At home I have a HP Wide Format (T790ps) and all I really can find to use is HP Click (which is a joke).
HP Click is a free software that works with any HP Wide Format, so it's not meant to have too many bells and whistles. HP offers a more advanced job submission software called SmartStream. It allows for nesting of multiple jobs among other things. Check it out here: HP SmartStream software | HP® Official Site

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What are you using for your cutter? Chances are, whoever makes your cutter has a plugin or a tool you may be able to use for this. You could also look into something like Flexi.


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Flexi has a nice option that is a subsription model at $49.99 per month if you sign up for the annual contract. It's pretty affordable since most rips will cost you thousands to own outright and you'll have to pay for service contracts to stay current with the features that come out monthly/semi-annually. With the subscription you're always current and you avoid upgrade fees. The substription will get you more advanced features like nesting and even more advanced features past that. You'll also get access to Flexi Design which is a much easier way to design if you're not familiar or savvy with Adobe or Corel Draw. You can purchase the Flexi Subscription on their website.


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