Refurbished Digital Press Recommendations?


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I posted a few weeks ago that I was looking for a press to use specifically for sheets of stickers. We already have a Konica C3070 as our main press, but our sticker printing is increasing so we want a dedicated press for this.

We had (or so we thought), sealed a deal on a Xerox C60 with an adaptive colour kit but found out this week that the adaptive colour kit has fallen through so the deal has been scrubbed.

As such, we are back looking for a machine and thought I’d open up the possibility to other brands such as Ricoh and Canon as well as Xerox and Konica.

What models would you guys recommend I look at? I’m not 100% sure whether we will get one on a service contract (as that will depend on where we buy it from) so it needs to have toners and parts readily available in case we don’t go with a service contract.

The only ‘tricky’ media we use is a compostable sticker paper that has a very slight texture to it. We have tried office machines and they don’t tend to adhere the toner to this paper but we’ve had samples from Xerox and our Konica print on it fine.


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Give Andrew Candler at ARC a call tomorrow, they are based in Kent but operate a nationally. We enquired with them last year and would definitely have gone with them if IBS (our long term local dealer and current provider) hadn't taken on KM production machines. They offer refurbs as well as new.

I can't remember if you have a Fiery on your existing C3070? Justaprinter Dan on YT did a video a while back where he was pulling jobs between a 1070 and a 3070 over the Fiery, which looked a neat feature in a multi-machine setup. There's a lot of good reasons to stick with the same range of the brand you're already with, especially as you're happy with KM.

However you'll no doubt receive the statutory offer of a second hand Versant in a container from across the pond quite soon, so there's always that to consider too :D

Bill Ward

We run Canon digital presses (IPC8000VP) and they handle a pretty decent range of media types. We don't do a ton of stickers but we're happy with the quality of what we run.


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