Remote Proofing Using Pantone Spectral Colors


Staff member
According to the company, Version .4 the latest update to ICScolor Remote Director—digital color proofing system—addresses the critical need for brands to access all Pantone colors, perfectly rendered, using the spectral values from Pantone within Remote Director’s color libraries.

Any PDF added to Remote Director with Pantone named channels is proofed with Pantone licensed spectral colors within the Remote Director application. Version .4 updates Remote Director’s Pantone Library so that:
  • Users can see all PMS colors without a simulation.
  • Users can import their own measured spot colors to create custom libraries.
  • Color communication is enabled among the proof creator & reviewers about how the colors are rendered, and accuracy confirms with a calibrated display to all participants.
The new Version .4 addition is included for all Remote Director users at no cost under their standard service & support license. Look here to check it out.


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