Reverse curl issues within the shop.

joe stag

Active member
Looking for some ideas and possible solutions to an issue with reverse curl on our printed sheets and lables. The problem seems to have come out of nowhere across all substrates and presses without any clear cause. Any ideas on what could be causing it and solutions on how to fix it?

Bill Ward

Are the sheets running through a secondary fixing unit that is possibly causing the curl? So then maybe it's an issue with the way the profile of the paper is registered? Just a guess..

Bill Ward

Not sure what you mean by secondary fixing unit?
Sorry, I meant Secondary Fuser. On our machines (Canon image press 8000) the gloss papers run through a primary and secondary fuser whereas the uncoated papers only go through the primary. Sometimes we get curling issues with our uncoated papers but I can usually eliminate this with a workaround by telling the machine to run the uncoated papers through both fusers ( I have to register the uncoated paper as coated).


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