revive old i1Pro


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Hello there,
I've inherited an old i1Pro device and now I'm trying to revive it.
I've already installed i1share_v1.4 on a Win7 PC and now I'm trying to link it but the right driver seems missing.
The auto-update driver feat doesn't work (it IS old!)
Maybe should I link it to an older WinXP?
Any hints?


You should be able to get it to work, I use an i1Pro with Windows 10. Make sure you have it plugged into a powered USB port to start, if it's not powered it ain't gonna work.

You can also try downloading i1Diagnostics to see if that pulls the driver in.


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i1Diagnostic says the i1Pro works well - but still I cannot use i1share: it doesn't seem to detect the device.
Any help on this?

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I've found the solution:

i1Share 1.4 will not work with 64-bit systems because the included EyeOne.dll file has not been updated for 64-bit support. This is why the Eye-One device will not be recognized on Windows 64-bit systems (XP, Vista, 7). To work around this issue, close i1Share, disconnect your Eye-One, then download and install Eye-One Match 3.6.2 or i1Diagnostic 2.5.1. Now navigate to the Eye-One Match (C:\Program Files (x86)\GretagMacbeth\i1\Eye-One Match 3) or i1Diagnostics (C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Rite\i1Diagnostics) program folder, copy the EyeOne.dll and replace it in the i1Share program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\GretagMacbeth\i1\i1Share). Plug in the Eye-One and launch i1Share software. The Eye-One should now be recognized.

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