Ricoh 7210x white spots...


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Recently we have been having issues with our 7210x leaving white spots in solids and halftones similar to a press hicky, but without the solid spot in the center. The shapes are usually oval and at all different angles. Giving the drum to belt transfer setting a negative number of about 6 seems to pretty much fix it. Oddly enough, our 7200s runs perfectly at stock settings. I asked our tech about it the other day when he was rebuilding parts and he said he blamed the paper and said to just keep doing what I am doing. My thought is that something isn't right as this didn't occur until recently.

The menu setting we have to adjust negatively is 712 and it has a setting for each color.


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Seems pretty normal to me for anything being transferred with electro-static. Things change be it paper, humidity, the condition of parts etc. all affecting the ability to transfer toner either to the belt (1stBTRs) or to the paper ( 2nBTR). That is why that adjustment is available.


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what is room humidity, low humidity can cause white spots, especially on uncoated stock. also, low temp will make the soft sponge 1st transfer rollers stiffer, so if the rollers are dirty with toner on it, it will leave white spot too.


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Room humidity for both machines is 40% and 68 degrees. The machine is question runs all coated papers, while the 7200s runs mostly un-coated. The spots on the 7210x occur on all types and weights of paper.


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the 1st BTR rollers were well past their life and that was what was causing the problem. The service guy said they were supposed to keep an eye on it, but it got overlooked for some reason.

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