Ricoh 9200 Pricing ?

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What price are folks seeing on a 9200?

I need Fiery 315 RIP with 6 paper trays and a 3 knife trim.

$140k sound about right?

I'm ready to buy


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Anyone care to SHARE any pricing info on a 9200 you have purchased.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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I think you'll have a hard time finding pricing on here as most people aren't really wanting to give out what they pay and the price will vary drastically from company to company.


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A quick search on here doesnt throw up much. I don't think it's people unwilling to help, it's just nobody has the info for you.

At the end of the day it makes no difference what others are paying, you're only going to be able to pay what's on offer to you from your suppliers.

Your best bet for getting a lower bargaining price is to source alternative machines from their competitors, then you have something to realistically compare to.
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Kinda hard to know if you're getting a good deal if you have no idea what the going rate for other people is. Sharing that information is good for buyers. No vendor is ever going to take advantage of the hidden nature of the pricing in order to give you a good deal. It'll be to give you a bad deal you don't realize.


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I'm all for sharing costs, I don't see a problem with it. But the cost of a machine is only relative to what's on offer to you. What others have paid is almost useless.

If the OP gets a price from their available suppliers of 100k and then someone on here who's the other side of the country says 'well we paid half that' how does that help or effect the OPs decision. The fact is they can't get it for what the other person paid and for them if they want that machine the rate is 100k to them.

​​​​​​Ricoh will know what the competitors in their area have to offer and won't be in the business of trying to pull a fast one as they know the clients will (should) be asking all about all machines in the range especially with so much money on the table.


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I google for state contracts. There's usually something published out there. The list will show list price and contract price. You won't get the contract price but it shows how low they can go and it gives you some bargaining power.


gsbatch had the right idea. Look for state contracts like this one. I know when I got a quote for the 9200 the base price was $120k according to Ricoh...but as everyone has said, it does depend on configurations and software you are having added. The TCRU components by themselves are $5,000 - $8,000. There are plenty of these machines out in the field now and are not considered "new".

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