Riso 9630


Hello Out there,
i am venturing into the inkjet market have been investigating everything on market HP, Superweb, Cannon, Rico etc.

I am looking at the RISO 9630 T2 (basically 2 engines to duplex at much faster speeds) ive seen some print samples on my files, and quite please. The ink cost estimates i have received are more than other inkjet webs but
capital investment much less.

I was just curious if any mailhouses are out there using this equipment and if so and what success. volumes you are running through it and what to expect as far as routine maintenance etc.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Glen F.


Well-known member
Didn't care for their quality or Support on the GD9630 with Fiery. Returned it after 3 months. They didn't seem to care about solving the issues we were having with envelopes.

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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