Riso Printer EZ221 or MZ1090 / Questions


Hi Everybody,

very recently I stumbled upon Riso printers which seem to be the perfect machine for my workshop projects.

I am only printing vectors and geometric shapes but I need them in different colors (silver and black) and finally i need to be able to print an 11x17 format (paper size) in 270GSM.

I found a cheap EZ221 and the more expensive MZ1090. I only need a single color so EZ would be totally fine and my preferred choice.

Questions to people who worked with these machines:
- Can I print 270GSM in 11x17 over the tray feeder? The specs say no but maybe somebody has tried it? I need small numbers of 100 pages per day but would prefer that I don't have to feed each page solo per print.
- Can I print from a windows machine? All my files are digital.

Thanks for any knowledge.

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