Running Prinect 2016 on Mac OS Sierra?

We need to upgrade two Macs from Mac OS X Mavericks to Mac OS Sierra in order to use the Adobe Creative Cloud 2017. Heidelberg told us that Prinect 2016 Cockpit and Signastation do not support Mac OS Sierra.

Are there any rebels out there running Prinect 2016 on Mac OS Sierra?

If so, do you have any thoughts or recommendations to share?


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There are ways to get the older 10.10 and 10.11 versions installed on that mac. Apple and/or Heidelberg may give you some ideas on this.
I remember going from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5, then to 10.10.5....6 to 8 was chargeable?, after that it was 'free'
I always make a bootable USB image of the OS's for this very reason.

Of course, I know if you had the older installers you would have used them....if you updated ANY of your macs from the 10.6 version, maybe the purchase is saved under the apple store account, and you could re-download the installer from there.....(look in you app store under the purchased tab for download buttons on older purchases)
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We are running Prinect 16 Cockpit on Sierra, but not Signa Station. It runs, but just a little buggy. I had a bit of trouble to get it up and going. In the end we had to mount the HD_Service volume to get it to work. If you could get the Apple upgrade to El Capitan, you can run both Prinect software and Adobe CC 2017 without issue. If you are on track to update to Prinect 17, it will support Sierra.
I finally had to wait a few days before our installation of Prinect 2017 and SignaStation before upgrading everyone in Prepress to Mac OS Sierra. Before that some of us used Adobe CC 2017 on Sierra and others used the older CC 2015 on Mac OS Mavericks. As Zoran wrote, Prinect 2017 runs fine on Sierra. We have been using it for almost a month now. Some of us like the new gray Prinect user-interface, some of us not. We wished we could customize just as CC 2017 allows us to adjust its UI.

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