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Hi, I have a recurring job that requires me to select all of the odd pages in a document and ad a specific setting for them. The files contain several thousand pages, therefore I don't want to do it manually. Any ideas on how to automatically select all odd (or even) pages? By the way, I don't mean to just print only odd/even pages. That's just a setting in the print dialog box. It sounds simple, there must be a way!
could you be a little more specific? what program are you using? what "setting" do you have to apply to them after you select them?
OK, to be exact: I have to number 7500 sets of white and yellow paper (the numbers on the white and yellow have to correspond) like an invoice or receipt. I'm using a xerox program called MakeReady which is the front end software for the Xerox printer I have. In Makeready, I can get my file ready to print, choosing which tray to print from, add inserts, and covers, etc.

So I have the 7500 pages inserted into the program and I want to select all of the odd page numbers, when they are all selected I can tell it to print from tray one (yellow paper) then all other pages will print from tray 2 (white paper).

It shows all of the pages down the side as thumbnails and I could control-click the alternating pages but that would take forever and this is something that I'll be doing every month.

Is there an automatic way to select the alternating pages?
I feel your pain!

I print tickets every year for moving furniture, and the tickets are crash numbered. I generate the tickets from Darwin then I use imposition software to lay them 4-up. The first sheet of the ticket is CB Pink 20lb the second sheet of the ticket CF Manila 7.5pt. Unfortunately I and my Xerox analyst have only come up with three ways to accomplish this job.
1.) Pre-collate the stocks and set them as an ordered stock within a tray
2.) Print each set separately then use a collating tower to put them together
3.) Use FreeFlow as you described and select every other page

There seems to be no way to instruct a xerox printer to print every n page on a certain stock, nor does there seem to be any way to code a sheet when creating a large pdf so that the tray pull is programed for that sheet within the pdf.

I would be very curious if another manufacture's equipment can do one of these things.
You could try our Quite Imposing Plus. It might solve the problem using Shuffle even/odds pages and then select No: 2. Rearrange this document so all odds are first, then all the evens. It could work if I understand the issue correctly. You can download a demo version at Quite at Home.

Let us know if it works out.

Just an update for anyone following this thread...
Oce's 6xxx and 4xxx series printers can do this via the print driver under page programer. It gives you the ability to set a media pull sequences then repeat that sequence for the entire job.
If you use Imposal impositioning software you should be able to do this. There is a selection where you can separate even and odd pages. You can then do whatever you need to the evens and the odds. Then you can leave them apart or you can then combine them back using the same software. Imposal is available through


Step 1: Download Nitro PDF free version
Step 2: Use the print option to print all odd pages as a separate pdf.
Step 3: Use the print option to print all even pages as a separate pdf.

Voila, you are done. Do whatever have to with these pdf files, and then merge them using PDFSAM..enjoy!
What RIP do you have?
If you've got a FreeFlow Print Server version 7.0 SP‐2 (72.93.25) then there is a utility that lives on the RIP that will create an INI script for a queue to give cyclic stock changes throughout a job.
If so the utility is in the opt/XRXnps/bin directory.


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