Sequential number and sequential barcode software


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Hi everyone, looking for some software suggestions.
Press wise we have a Mark Andy Digi One and a Digital Pro 3 being installed on Tuesday (2nd June) and I set up all of our standard artwork for the press in Adobe Illustrator, recently we have been seeing an increase in orders for sequentially numbered and sequential barcode jobs.
For these jobs I have been using Bartender (an old licence of version 10.1 that we used to use for our Zebra printers) to generate the barcode/numbers and then printing to PDF using CutePDF writer, if the label has any artwork on it I then add this in illustrator (bartender 10.1 doesn't work in CMYK) and save out to PDF.
This all works fine but requires a certain amount of messing around as Bartender works on a page basis so if we are running a job where the cutter is multiple labels across the web I can't just set 1 label as bartender will just increment the number / barcode down and across the page 1 page at a time (not very helpful on rolls of labels) If I need to generate multiple labels across I have to create 1 label that is full web width and then create 3 individual layouts on that 1 label.
I have downloaded the trial of Bartender 2021 but this still doesn't seem to be able to increment down a roll, I have also tried Nicelabel, Mark Andy are pushing Hybrid's Stepz but for what we need it seems to be excessive and very pricey, so can anybody suggest any other software that will enable us to generate sequential numbers or barcodes down a roll multiple labels across the web? and work in CMYK?
I've seen Fusion Pro and PSL mentioned in other posts but I cant see any videos showing them in operation so I'm not sure if they are suitable.
You should looked into Deskpack Dynamic VDP a plugins for illustrator from Esko
You can even get a free trial for a month
Have a look at Tilia Labs (tilia Phoenix) software for creating dynamic barcodes/text and generating each variable ‘print frame’ based on existing dies for labels. You can easily generate sequential numbers or drive the dynamic text from a spreadsheet and drag a d drop the spreadsheet into the application to autoimpose the labels!
If you are still looking for a solution with Bartender, simply create a custom page size to fit your die specs.
If the die is 2 across and 3 around, create a page with 6 variable barcodes, each barcode would increment by 3, instead of 1.


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