Imp Software V-13 Adds: Nesting, Ganging, Imposition & Handsfree Estimation


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Imp Software V-13 Adds: Nesting, Ganging, Imposition & Handsfree Estimation

Winner of the coveted Intertech Technology Award, InSoft Automation Pvt. Ltd., has announced Version-13 of “Imp”—its flagship layout planning, imposition & print estimation software—in the global marketplace since 2011.

Print layout planning is the key point where overall job efficiency & profits are determined. Imp—using one coherent interface—generates order winning quotes, cost-efficient print ready layouts, job cards and job routing with all operation sequences.

Imp Version-13 introduces powerful new tools:
  • Industry 4.0 standard Print Estimation
    • In Version-13—handsfree “Quotation, Imposed Layouts and Job Card” generation—are a reality.
According to the company, “The methodology adopted for estimation enables a non-technical person to create consistently accurate quotes. It is about generating order winning quotes with built-in software intelligence.”
  • No-mix ganging”—
    • Each job is nested into an isolated section on a big sheet.
    • After printing, each section can be separated by guillotine cuts, creating sub-sheets that contain only one part for die cutting & finishing.
    • Eliminates sorting and any chance of mixing jobs for packing & shipment.
    • Improves the bottom line for packaging convertors & printers.
  • Label Imposition Simplified for short run digital label printing
    • Stringent controls have been introduced & automated in Version-13 for label printing.
    • Ensures correct label orientation, fewer overruns and uniform spacing between labels.
    • No-splitting of single labels into multiple lanes, and
    • Limiting the number of lanes according to slitter knives configuration.
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