De-Imposition Software for Streamlining Offset—Digital Migration


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Solimar Systems, Inc.—workflow software—has unveiled the latest version of its Rubika 4.5 document re-engineering application. Part of Solimar’s Chemistry platform, Rubika is a modular suite of post-composition document re-engineering capabilities that maximizes postal discounts, adds barcodes for insertion control, modifies finishing, automates device load balancing and enables white paper workflows.

Rubika 4.5 introduces a simplified user interface for some of the more complex tasks & workflow efficiencies. New benefits include:
  • De-Imposition Module—converts already imposed PDFs into one-up PDFs.
    • Pre-imposed documents such as offset books, catalogs, labels, ID cards and postcards can now be printed on cut-sheet devices, published online or in archive systems.
    • PDFs can also be re-imposed with Rubika to set up jobs for printing on digital inkjet presses and parsed into smaller booklets with added personalization.
  • Scale and Shift Module—enables users to keep or adjust the aspect ratio when scaling page content, and to control whether page content is centered in the output.
  • Redesigned UI for Separator Sheets & Commingling Module—the configuration of separator sheets (aka banner and trailer pages) has been updated making the setup more intuitive. The separator sheet is now represented in the PDF viewing area, where users can visually change location & content of the added text.
    • Rubika's Commingling Module has been streamlined to make it easier to configure with a consolidated central interface, instead of multiple dialog boxes.


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