Ultimate’s “BetterPDF”—Re-engineers PDFs for Efficient Production


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Ultimate TechnoGraphics has announced BetterPDF, a new module for Ultimate Impostrip Scalable which will be previewed for the first time at Hunkeler Innovation Days-2023.

BetterPDF was developed as a solution to the common customer challenge of problematic, deficient PDF files that can bottleneck the imposition & workflow process. Faced with the daily challenge of meeting fast turnaround times, PSPs are usually not the file creators and need a late-stage PDF re-engineering tool to help them produce efficiently and maximize their press to get more jobs out.

Using Ultimate BetterPDF, PDF files are re-engineered to the specific requirements of the target output device via a series of user-defined options. Different configurations can be created for a “set-it-and-forget-it” fully automated & scalable workflow. Available after Hunkeler Innovation Days—on Windows 64 Bit and macOS Arm & Intel processors.

Unable to make it to Hunkeler Innovation Days? Pre-book a seat in Ultimate’s webinar showcase on March 9th 2023 at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time—here (https://imposition.com/webinar/what-is-ultimate-betterpdf/)


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