Sewn binding for a short run digital printed book?

D Bonnell

New member
Please forgive my lack of precision regarding the correct terminology if I fail to be precise.
I am not a printer/binding, just an amateur publisher.

I am currently publishing a book which with these specs:
984 total pages
982 pages, black and white, 40 lb white opaque paper
2 pages, color, 70 lb matte paper, located at pages 4 and 730 of the book
Casebound with hard boards (willing to explore flexible cover options)
two ribbon markers
Printed in runs of 200 copies or less.

I have used two different short run digital commercial printers for this book, both utilizing a PUR glued binding.

My customers are requesting a sewn binding. Are there any short run digital printer/binders who can do a sewn binding on a book with these specs? I have not been able to find any.
Thanks for your help.
I'm in Lancaster PA. One of our local bindery house Bindery Associates over short run Smyth(e) Sewn binding. I don't know if they can recommend some one to do the printing for you.
Smythe-sewn binding with that high of a page count is difficult to do affordably in the US. We have a some excellent options overseas if you're open to going in that direction? Feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]) and we can put some numbers together for you.


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