Trying to print folded text blocks for case bound book in sequential page order


(Ricoh c7100, Fiery CW6)

We're producing a very short run of 9"x12" case bound books. We have to supply the text signatures to the binding vendor in sequential page order like with perfect binding, however they also have to be folded. The plan is to run it in sets of 16 pages (4x nested 4-pagers) then collating them.

The problem I'm running into is that after setting it up as a booklet in Fiery Impose, I have no way to tell it to print specific pages. I can specify sheets, but of course it's imposed like a saddle booklet so the first sheet will be a 4pg with e.g. pages 1,2,95,96; when I need it to be pages 1~16.

If anyone knows how to go about running it the way they require I would be very appreciative! I feel like I've tried everything I can think of at this point, but I'm relatively new at operating a digital press.


Hi, you might be able to go into the properties in CW6 and set the page count per "record" to 16 under the vdp tab. When you do this it should split the file into 16pgs increments in imposition. When you do the print you would then want to turn collating off if you plan to fold the 4 pagers separately and then collate together to get your nested sigs. If that does not work for whatever reason you could split the file outside of CW6 just to 5 16pg pdfs. That is probably how I would go about running it. You would just set each file to be it's own individual booklet in CW6 imposition. Think that would get you what you are looking for if I understand what you are trying to do, not very familiar with case bound books but this sounds like what you are trying to do.


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