Shingling in Preps 6.2


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So we had a job that was imposed in Preps 6.2 with a 24 page Folding Pattern. We added shingling manually. Everything was just the way we wanted it, but needed to rotate the folding pattern 180 degrees. Once we rotated the folding pattern, all of the manually input shingling was removed and had to be input again. Is this the norm or is there a flaw in the program? I've just never encountered it before. Was curious if anyone else has encountered this.
When you say "manually input shingling" what does that mean? If creating an entire job in Preps, you only have two fields to enter values into to shingle a job. If your workflow makes use of Preps templates, like Prinergy or Apogee, then you have those same fields in the front-end.

Then when you say you had to "rotate the folding pattern", do you mean that you spun the layout around to put the low folio at the tail instead of the gripper, or to put the low folio in the center gutter, or something? Changes like that should not effect shingling, or maybe that's what you're saying.
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Correct, just putting the low page at the tail. I didn't think this should remove all of the shingling, but it did.


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