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Our lease is up for our Xerox Color 1000 within the year so I'm just starting to do a little research on what to replace it with. Currently we have the the Color 1000 with the HCS and booklet maker (no square edge or trimming options)

As of now I have talked to Canon (they haven't been out to see me yet) Konica Minolta (showing me the C1100) and Ricoh (showing the C9100). Also I talked to Heidelberg who's selling Ricoh's 9100 rebranded as the Versafire CP. Anyone know anything about the benefits of getting the same press from one over the other?

There is quite the price difference between Xerox and the other to with the other 3 being much cheaper.

Has anyone had experience with with any of these machine or multiple? Are the KM and Ricoh reliable? I've seen printed samples from their machines but does the quality hold up over time?

Basically I would like to know if we'd be taking a big step down if we went with one of these boxes rather than the Xerox 1000i. We've been selling quality prints and I would not want to give them any less.

Any feedback on any of these machines or anyothers is welcomed. Service, image quality, down times, color, PRO/CONS etc.


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Maybe Xerox will release another machine come the Graph Expo. That's usually when they do the iGen release and some similar releases if I am not mistaken.


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