Shrink Sleeve Question


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Hi, can anyone tell me an easy way to figure out where the center lines of shrink sleeve panels should be? We generally send blank template to our customers that just show the layflat measurement along with the normal clear areas. But, a customer's designer is asking us to provide them with the center lines of the front and back panels. It is for a trigger bottle and we do have a sample. But, the only way I can think of is to print out a blank template, cut it out and put it on the bottle and try to hand measure, that doesn't seem like it would be 100% accurate. Any ideas? Thanks1


Hi, we print onto mugs by vacuum sublimation, which I would imagine has has similar size and position problems. When we have a new mug style I first print a 5mm grid which is numbered across the centre left to high and top to bottom. This is printed onto the carrier sheet and then formed onto the mug. This provides me with a reference to where the centre points are and the amount of distortion I can expect.
A bit rough but has worked so far.

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