Single slit down the middle on AeroCut Prime


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I had a Duplo 616 at a previous company which worked great. At this shop, we have an MBM AeroCut Prime. One of the most frustrating limitations is the slitters are pre-set to a .275" (7mm) gutter. This creates a problem if you just want to do a single slit down the middle.

For example, we have a job that is 4.25x11, 2up on 8.5x11 which gets 3 creases. A Duplo would be able to cut and crease the job, but the AeroCut can only do the creasing. Another job we can't run is folded forms that are 5.5x8.5, 2up on 8.5x11, which need to crease in the middle. On the AeroCut, we can only crease the job, then we have to cut it to size on our guillotine cutter. There are many other jobs with a similar situation. This was an unfortunate oversight by the previous manager who purchased the machine.

As a possible work-around, I tried to trick the machine and use one of the outer slitters (which are just a single blade, not a double blade for gutters). Unfortunately the machine says those are limited to only 2.75" from the edge and it won't run the job.

Has anyone figured out a work-around to this limitation?

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