AeroCut Prime - Cutting Business Cards


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I'm looking for feedback from those who have an AeroCut Prime or AeroCut Prime Complete and use it to cut down business cards - specifically with no bleeds....

We are a county in-plant and print business cards for multiple departments. The majority have no bleeds. We print 24up on 12x18, 100# smooth cover, and use the built-in template on the AeroCut for no bleeds to cut them down. When we do this at the higher speeds, the cards flip upwards as they exit causing the cards to become a jumbled mess in the stacker tray. They either land on their edge against the backstop or flip upside down. The only way to get them to come out flat is to slow the machine all the way down to a 3, and even that can be problematic at times. We would like to run at higher speeds because of the volume we do.

We've noticed when we run cards with bleeds, using the other 12x18 24up template with horizontal gutters, the 2nd cut for the gutter seems to slow down the card exiting just enough that we can run the machine at full speed (8).

We have started using the full bleed template even on cards that don't bleed to avoid the stacking issue, however, it raises the concern that it's going to wear out the cutter/blade twice as fast since we do a large volume of business cards.

Have you figured out any settings to get around this issue?

Another question - have you found a trick to do center slits without gutters? That's the one major downside we've found on the AeroCut when compared to a Duplo is the fixed gutters.


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