SM-52, Intergrated water system and Fuji DoP

We have switched over to the Fuji DoP plate thanks to Printech and we have a couple of questions.

First is we are running a 2 color SM-52 with the water in integrated mode and we can not achieve a printable balance, either toning, scumming or washing out. Has anyone else encountered this and how can we improve this, and has switching to non-intergraded shown improvement?

Second, what are the recommended fountain solutions?

Third, what type of a shelve live does an exposed plate have? We are burning and running within 4 days and my pressman is questioning the background of the plate taking ink.

Alois Senefelder

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Hello American Printing,

Questions: 1) Did you have on Press problems running the previous "Brand " of plates ????

2) Have you change your F.S ????

3) What did Fuji say about your Press Chemistry ??????

Regards, Alois

P.S I have posted lots of Info regarding this problem with "D. o. P" just trawl through my posts.

In my opinion "Develop the Plate before mounting on the press, lot less "Expensive Press Downtime" !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What about Profitability?
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