stahl belts uk supplier


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Good afternoon. I am looking to replace the 2 sets of crossfold belts on our stahl folder, I believe part no's 231-260-0100 & 231-260-0400. Before I order from heidleberg is there anyone else in the uk that do these.


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Hi sir:
I can quotate from Other place from Malta if you want
send me :1) model 2) parts number 3) serial number 4) delivery country 5) quantity

Cell+WhatsApp:+505 8861 1441

Alois Senefelder

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Hello abc27,

Contact - UK, Download a PDF for the Printing and Paper Industries.

I recommend them, I used this company over many years to replace and fit belts for Printing Presses and Bindery

Regards Alois

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