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Hi guys, I'm currently in the market for a reasonably priced standalone software package that does step and repeat as well as applies marks for registration and cutting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Just as info, all the artwork is created using illustrator, and yes i know it can be done manually in illustrator, but I want to make it as automated as possible.


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If you have Indesign, Croptima is now free, a nice imposition program. I used it for years and handled most things well and will certainly do step and repeat with ease. They went out of business or shut down recently, which is why there is not much on the website save for the download links and the registration code. I have it working on the latest version of Indesign CC.

I did switch to Imposition Studio after finding Croptima had closed their doors. I did not want to get stuck with the next release of Indesign not being supported anymore and no longer having imposition software. Imposition Studio is very powerful and works very well. Was a bit of a learning curve but once I got that things go through very smoothly. With Imposition studio, which is a stand alone application, you can create layout templates so it is very simple to update with a new pdf for repeat or jobs that are similar, like business cards.


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You may be interested looking at Esko's PowerLayout plugin for Illustrator. It includes their Dynamic Marks for creating and adding marks to those layouts, all in Illustrator. A free trial download is available.

I currently use Esko, but for the smaller shop I would prefer not to incur that cost. Would really like something that i could just make a one time purchase.


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Hi Prepressbb, if (like your post title says) you are looking for a stand alone solution to impose jobs, that stay away from all plug-ins. With a stand alone approach you will not only gain software / RIP independence (impose for multiple devices), but also gain on speed. One of the best price solution is actually 1 of our versions, Impostrip Econo+. This is a hot folder based solutions with lots of automation features. At only $1500 USD, it offers the best features' set at the lowest price on the market. We dfo offer free trial licences. Contact me if interested,

Ray Duval
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raymond @ imposition . com


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DynaStrip 7.5 is a rock solid imposition software we have had this for 15 years now. Just go to their website sing up for the demo version and it will sell it self.


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If you have InDesign already you can just place your Illy files in it, run a script for cropmarks then step and repeat it fairly easily . . . .


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Thank you guys thus far for all the recommendations, Have multiple demos scheduled and we will definitely go from there.
Im not sure if your use case is imposition based or more step and repeat based. We offer a stand-alone product for step and repeat based imposition. It runs on both mac and PC and contains intelligent mark creation.

More info can be found here


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Kodak offers Pandora or Preps based on your needs. Pandora has Smart Layout technology for ganging packaging or odd shape nesting!

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