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Re: Standard Line Screen

John W,

Yes, at midtone, the cyan dot on plate is 5 (%, points, dots, however it's correct to say it) higher than the black dot on plate, and this would show a color difference. However, I don't have a problem with this because although Nexus switched screen angles for black and cyan (on all impo and autotrap workflows), the correct bump curve is being used for each. So angles got swapped, but not bump curves. So black looks correct on press sheet and cyan looks correct on press sheet. The angles being switched has not caused a problem that I know of. This does go to show however how I can set it and forget it (and it change somehow after it is set up correctly). The workflows have the correct angles set up, and the override doesn't work on the angles (it says it's screening one angle and then screens another angle. Maybe if I have a Cyan sep I can choose the Black angle it may give me a Cyan angle). So either Nexus or DotSpy (both from AWS) is lying to me as for as what angle it is. Just another example of me feeling like I'm dealing with some sort of beta software when stuff is set up correctly and then something changes without me telling it to, not working as advertised, etc. I digress.



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Re: Standard Line Screen

Did the angle thing just happen recently or did you just find it recently?

The reason I ask is because I was told that going from 7.5 to 8 for some reason they basically "flopped" the angles ie..75 becomes 15 and 15 becomes 75.

We check angles on every job anyway as a QA thing but that would suck if we have something like this start to happen.


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Re: Standard Line Screen


I just recently found this. We haven't had any complaints from customers or pressmen.

I know that Nexus 7.5 and the program that creates cal files for the 7.5 version (FastCalibrator 7.0) has listed screen angles such as 165 (Cyan), 45 (Magenta), 90 (Yellow), and 104.8 (Black). But although that is what they say in Nexus 7.5 and FastCalibrator 7.0, when reading the screened file with DotSpy 2.5 Rev. 3, DotSpy 3.0 Rev. 1, or DotSpy 3.0 Rev. 2 (the latest version I have, because I don't know what version was used with 7.5), I get 14.8 (Cyan), 45 (Magenta), 0 (Yellow), 75.2 (Black). The thing I can't understand is that although the wrong angle is used (such as 15 for Cyan and 75 for Black), the correct bump curve is used for both Cyan and Black. Weird.

Yes, it is unsettling when you think (are told by software) that one thing is going on and another really is. BTW I wouldn't be surprised if the angles were flopped (any good reason given?). I've upgraded and then had to downgrade so I can't remember which version it was when it was right (I just remember that at one time the angles that Nexus said it was using was verified by myself in DotSpy as being what they were said to be in Nexus).



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This happened to me thru Nexus. I thought my Cyan and Mag had flopped only to notice I had the orientation flopped. Quite embarassing after I had thrown the red flag up to supervisors and such.



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Re: Standard Line Screen


Thanks man.

Note: I have to set Preps template orientation to 1 and Nexus orientation in Make Separation module to 270, for the job to get put on plate in orientation I need it.

Dotspy preferences, under Units > Angles, set to 0.. 180 degree (setting to -90.. +90 degrees doesn't change anything that I see)
Dotspy preferences, under Display Rotated, set to None (and page is displayed head left)
Angles read: C 14.8, M 45, Y 0, K 75.2 (wrong, and not what Nexus says it's doing)
Dotspy preferences, under Display > Rotated, set to CounterClockwise (which changes Display > Mirrored to Vertical automatically)
Angles still read wrong.
Dotspy preferences, under Display > Mirrored, set to None again (this makes the display head down Wrong Reading aka backwards). The values for the angles read right now, but only when reading from the back and upside down essentially. Still not fixed.

So I tested again. This time I set rotation in Nexus to 0 (which gives me a head up file, not correct orientation for platesetter).
Opened seps in Dotspy and set dotspy prefs to Display > Rotated and Display > Mirrored both to 0.
Still reads the same. Wrong angles.

Maybe there's something else that you meant, and that I can try?

I'm not going to worry too much about it just because there have been no problems, but it would be nice to know what's going on. Will I pay for support for it though? No. We've paid too much already for the little support/help we've actually received.

we use Sublima by Agfa from 240lpi to 340lpi with Fuji PJE Plates.
I love this screening......Very high quality.
In Italy we use minimum of 200lpi ABS for better quality not for production.


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We use 175lpi for our commercial jobs for both coated and uncoated stock, for magazine jobs we use 350lpi. Both lpi have process calibration curve.

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