Staple problem with Duplo DBM 150

We have a problem with one side of the stapler. The staple on B head side is never flat and sometime breaks. I tried to ajust the position of the head but it didn't change anything. Any tought on this?



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My guess would be the bottom plate is misaligned in some way. Id check it for levelness and to make sure its perpendicular to the staple head.
It seems a little bit misaligned but It's hard to determine which screw is for levelness and there's no loose screw . Maybe I should unscrew everything and check it out.
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I switched the heads and it kind of resolved my problem. The staples are still curved inside but flat.
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So if the problem is minimized by switching the heads, but still present in the same staple position, I'd say you should look at the clincher next.

I had a DBM 120, which I think is similar to your 150. The clincher could be removed by loosening two nuts and lifting it out. Open it up and check for free movement of the swinging staple-curving anvils. BE CAREFUL! Tiny parts lie within...


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