Startup looking for advice from the pro's - cutting laminating


Hi there, I've been browsing the forum, impressive collection of knowledge!

My wife is starting up her own e-commerce business and I've been asked to help with equipment :) As part of her primary product each item will be accompanied with a note which can be selected from the authors we are working with, or something unique to the person. We are looking for thoughts on how to create quality one off cards that have a good feel to them and present well, each card will likely be in the 2.5-3" square range, some will need to have small cutouts in them depending on what they are bundled with. Silver or gold reflective text is high on the list, as is a soft touch.

One of the challenges is striking a balance between equipment investment and labor. At the moment we are willing to put in the extra labor and move to more automated equipment over time.

At the moment I'm at a low cost, manual solution which should hold us over till things pick up (fingers crossed!). If there is significant return on spending more to gain time we are open to it, unfortunately I'm falling short of advancing the setup without 10x increasing the expense.

- laser printer with close to straight path - probably around .0074 caliper paper (.19mm and ~ 160GSM) - limited by "standard" printer capabilities
- thermal transfer foil - looking for suggestions on foiler & foil- currently considering Foil Master
- laminate both sides to increase stiffness and provide feel - looking for suggestions on roll based laminator and laminates that have a soft touch
- Skycut C-16, has support for registration marks to make cuts

Thank you for any suggestions, appreciate the time you folks are taking to help a startup with no knowledge on printing!


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If it were me, I'd spend the money on a laser and engrave/etch/mark some kind of material that's heavier than paper. You'd stand out more with your customers, and have one machine to deal with instead of several. Trotec Laser has an excellent Youtube channel for inspiration.


thank you for the suggestions. we are going to order up some metal cards and play around with marking them with the fiber laser :)

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What about Profitability?
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