Students Learn the Importance of Recyclability & Sustainability


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Trees-Into-Cartons-Cartons-Into-Trees (TICCIT) is a national initiative created in 2010—partnering with the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC)—to teach grade schoolers across the US about the paper-making process and how recycling works. After classroom learning sessions, students pot tree saplings into paperboard cartons filled with soil to take home & plant with their families. The paper cartons naturally, biodegrade once planted, completing the “TICCIT” lifecycle.

This spring—promoting Earth Day—Koenig & Bauer executives visited students at the German International School of Dallas to teach first-through-fifth graders about the importance of trees, recycling and the environment. The executives began with an interactive presentation with students—allowing them to ask questions—and learn more about the paper making process, the abundance of paper-based products in their daily lives and the importance of recycling & sustainability.

The Koenig & Bauer executives then went outside & joined the students in transferring live-saplings into empty breakfast cereal boxes, to be taken home & planted. The teachers also took an active role in the event, ensuring that all students actively participated in learning about the importance of recyclability & sustainability.

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