Suprasetter Issue

Arif Khan

Dear Friend,
if anyone can help

Suprasetter 74 booted without issue after the some worked on Backplane (IO Board). However, while we perform the instruction of plate exposure, a error 5400 load table gate opening was generated by SuSe.

To fix the LTB gate issue, we run the test that is shown below.

Press the pneumatic valve directly/manually it is operational.
We also checked the air pipes; everything was fine.
We swapped pneumatic valves to problem move to unload table; however, nothing changed.
Swivel test via DIAG was successful.
Run a valve group test, but the gate does not close or open when you hit the move ltb button.

After running the aforementioned tests, I think the command from the backplane to x291 did not actuate. Please let me know where the x291 terminated point is on the backplane so that we may verify the card or determine whether the issue is with the backplane board or any card that we changed.

or any PID configurations to fix this error. I would much appreciate your assistance.

Muhammad Arif
5400 play plate expose.jpeg


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