Surcolor P20000 getting stalled out over network

My organization is running a fairly large enterprise network with 7 P20ks. The printers are run across 2 separate VLANs. Our issue is P20ks on one vlan seemly get stalled out, they don't accept jobs or print commands and require us to physically pull the plugs on them to get them back up. This happens randomly 2-3 times everyday but otherwise they work fine.

I had a pretty good lead thinking that a network scan was sending some sort of patrial print command over SNMP that was causing the printers to stall on this, but after we disabled scanning the issue still persisted.

This ring a bell for anyone who had similar issues over network with the surcolors?
Quick test might be isolated the offending printers on their own VLANs to see if there's an OSI model layer 2 issue or firmware bug in the printers. You should be able to do that on the switch without changing NIC settings because inter-VLAN traffic should be handled by a router at layer 3 (unless you're running a layer 3 switch).
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Isolate first. The suspect VLAN is different somehow.
Firmware maybe. Router settings maybe.
Never rule out a user doing something stupid ON the VLAN.
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