Surplus Canon Print Shop Equipment


New member
We are taking delivery of our new Print Shop production equipment and are listing our old equipment as surplus for disposal. I'm able to accept bids if anyone is interested in the following equipment:

1 Canon 10000 color press with Plockmatic BLM50 booklet maker and face trim unit. The press has about 7.5M clicks on it and has been maintained by Canon since purchase in 2019. Face trim unit has not been used.
3 Canon DP135, all three with about 21M clicks on them.
Miscellaneous Plockmatic components that did not enter production and sat in storage.

As we have to protect our network data, all the presses will have their hard drives removed prior to disposal. Located in southwest Florida. All machines will be in operation until the end of January. I do have one interested party, but before I can dispose of them I have to have bids from more than one person, otherwise everything will need to go to our (non-climate controlled and dusty) warehouse for future auction or eScrap. If I can dispose of them beforehand, they can be demonstrated and picked up from my shop-they won't be of use to anyone if they're auctioned from our warehouse.


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