texture over logo shrinks after making compound paths


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I am preparing a white vector logo in Illustrator CS6 with a rough vector texture over top. The designer gave me a file with the texture filled with the same colour as a background box (100% black) and it prints to a laser printer the way he wants it to look.

When I prepare the logo as a compound path by excluding the texture with the minus front pathfinder tool, the file with the compound paths prints to the same printer with a texture that looks smaller. But when I overlay the final compound file with the original filled-shape file, in outline mode, everything lines up perfectly, i.e. the holes are exactly the same size as the original filled paths.

There were never any strokes on the artwork to make the original texture look bigger

The compound path file has the smaller-looking texture on both colour and black laser printers.

The effect also appears on screen until zoomed up to 1600% when the files appear identical

Files use only white and 100% black so I don’t think there are trapping issues.

Pardon the long-winded explanation. Any idea what is going on?

If outline preview mode looks ok then that makes me think the issue must be colour.

If it were me I'd turn the background from black to yellow and the rough vector to cyan. Any unexpected objects or locked objects or layers should start to stand out.

The other thing to hunt out unexpected artwork is to select an object with the white select arrow and then select 'same fill' or 'same stoke' from the menu. Then use object > hide. Make sure you don't have question marks in the stroke and fill colour indicator. It's a slow way to work but bit by bit you hide the artwork that makes sense and leaves you with the stuff that needs sorting out.

Good luck.


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