The Art of Attracting Millennial Beer Drinkers to Your Brand


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Experiential Labels Drive Brand Awareness That Wins Awards

Northern Monk Brew Co. opened its doors in 2013. At the time the brewery opened, the competition was already stifling, by 2015, a new brewery was opening every other day. DSM—a food science company—reports that over 45% of 18-to-30-year-olds who were surveyed strongly agreed that “the beer they drink says a lot about them”.

Russell Bisset—Northern Monk’s founder, with a background in global sales—knew that in order to stand out from the crush of competition, he needed to develop beer can labels that would resonate with his target market of young Millennial professionals. You’re not just purchasing a product, you’re reinforcing your self-image, and feeling good about supporting a company with a mission you believe in.

The problem: It’s difficult to convey a compelling story in a small space like a can label, especially when breweries have to include information like ingredients and government warnings.

The solution: Peel & Reveal Labels from the Pharmaceutical industry,” says Bisset. “We asked, ‘Is there any reason why we couldn’t do that across a full can of beer?”

Peel and Reveal Labels with multiple pages glued together so the customer can peel the top layer back to reveal more information on the inside. Northern Monk’s are barn-door style labels: opening from the middle to reveal four, inside, story-telling panels.
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