Thin lines appearing on plates

We're fortunate in having a Kodak rep who takes ownership of problems like this. We recently had an issue with spots on a big job, long run and many plates, as usual, finger were pointed at Prepress before looking into anything else, I called in the Kodak rep, who organised a free pack of plates from another batch, the problem persisted. He cam back with a microscope to look at the spots and suggested they were coming from the press. He then opened a palette of the stock we were using and went through it sheet by sheet.
I concur with this assessment. I’ve had to deal with Kodak many times over the years and my experience with their CS department and field service techs has always been exemplary. Highly recommended.
Follow up:
After a little over a month since we stopped marking the plates directly with a knife we have had just one reported case of lines. You can see it coincides with the numbers where we used to mark the production order number. Didn't get a chance to check the roller surface for any debries. So it seems the markings were causing the lines. Thanks everybody for your comments!
Line may28.jpg
I have seen Komori's plate hangers scratch plates. The Bar that supports the tail end of plate while staging plate to be hung will create a straight line if bar is dirty or rubber wheels are worn.

If Fuji LP plates are going through processor, catch it and process 90 degrees to see if line direction changes.


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