Tilia Labs Announces 2-New U.S. Patents for Printing


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Tilia Labs—developer of planning, imposition & AI software—has announced the USPTO has issued 2-new patents for the company’s Phoenix product.
  • First Patent #11, 210, 043—Complete Optimization—“Printer to Die Cutter Media Size Shift”.
    • Enables automatic optimization of planning & impositioning for die-cut print orders that involve printing onto media that is substantially larger than the dies being used.
    • Allows combining die-cut with non-die-cut items.
  • Second Patent #11, 263, 502—Increased Productivity—“Method for Multifunctional Graphical User Interface File Indicia Movement, and System, Terminal & Computer Readable Media for the Same”.
    • Covers a novel user interface design invention called “drop scenarios” that results in significant productivity boosts when operating interactively with tilia Phoenix for several common use cases.
    • Multiple actions can be performed when two or more file types are simultaneously dragged into designated regions within the overlay, automating common tasks like placing a die template, and snapping artwork files into it, or importing a spreadsheet and assigning artwork by filename.

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