Time to print & mail reduced to 2-hours from 2-days


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Precision Marketing—an online real estate marketing platform that adopted CHILI publisher’s Universal Graphics Engine—has realized an 80% reduction in file creation time after 3-months of usage, receiving production-ready files 24/7 without any human intervention, and reducing time to print & mail from 2-days to 2-hours.

CHILI’s universal graphic engine platform connects real estate agents & property developers with sellers, buyers & renters within a 20 million contact database, enabling specific audiences to be targeted with customized communications. By automating their direct mail process, Precision Marketing now delivers high value to clients with increased margins on each item produced.

For more information on data-driven marketing optimization or its importance for the commercial print market, read the white papers by DAM experts Theresa Regli & Pat McGrew.


A 30-day Fix for Managed Chaos

As any print professional knows, printing can be managed chaos. Software that solves multiple problems and provides measurable and monetizable value has a direct impact on the bottom-line.

“We reduced order entry costs by about 40%.” Significant savings in a shop that turns about 500 jobs a month.

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