Transfer belt on a Xerox 700 Digital Color Press

Brian of Clovia

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Dear All, I am reading the User's Manual for the Xerox 700 Digital Color Press and it talks about the Transfer Belt. What does that do? Does anyone have a simple-easy-explaination for this?


We have a Xerox 700, our operator tells me that it assist the paper through the press and also the electrostatics of the press. We had ours replaced in January of this year. Will be selling our X700 next month if you need another one. Hope this helps!

Brian of Clovia

New member
Hey, Thanks guys! This makes more sense.... Now, if it is not too does it (electrostatically?) transfer the data to the sheet? (Is it possible you can describe--in laymen terms--what happens electrostically?) I still cannot find a complete answer to this--no matter what Google-search word or YouTube phrase I use. 🙂


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Drum get charged with laser. Charged area attracts toner. Roller on the other side of the belt is them magnetized electrostaticly pulling the toner on to the belt. Belt moves to 2nd BTR location. 2nd bottom transfer roller on the other side of the paper is magnetized electrostaticly pulling toner onto paper. Then fused to paper by heated fuser.

Brian of Clovia

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Thanks!!! You are amazing!! (I was able to follow along by sketching it concept, by concept). That actually makes a whole lot of sense!!! You are a life-saver!


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