Twin Rivers Expands PFAS-Free Food Packaging


Staff member
Twin Rivers Paper Company has invested in its PFAS-free (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances-free) grease-resistant food packaging brand—EcoBarrier.

Twin Rivers’ portfolio targets a range of applications that require oil & grease resistance, wet strength, FDA compliance, printability, microwave-ability, strength properties, fiber certification and recycled content.

The company worked closely with large fast-food, quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants to engineer food-safe non-fluorinated products. Twin Rivers expanded FC-free line-up includes:
  • EcoBarrier Plus—a premium paper engineered for heavy, greasy food applications such as fry bags, hamburgers, taco wraps, hash brown pouches and microwave food bags. Available in basis weights ranging from 18-45 pounds /29-73 grams per square meter (24 x 36/500);
  • EcoBarrier Choice: a substrate that delivers medium to light stain resistance for packaging, including: cookie bags, sandwich wraps and carryout bags. Available in basis weights ranging from 18-60 pounds /29-98 grams per square meter (24 x 36/500).
Recycled content & chain-of-custody fiber certifications are available upon request. EcoBarrier products are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free.


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