Upgrading to Screen Black Box

Nutech Shroff

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We have a screen 8600 CTP Driven by a Screen HQ Rip. Since the new PCs dont have the PCI card we are being recommended to buy a Screen Black Box to interface the the PC with the Screen CTP. My question is

1. Can someone confirm the minimum version of HQ Rip required that supports the black box to drive the screen Ctp.



Martin Mueller

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Hi Ravi,

connect your Screen black box EP-B101 with your local network.

Use a tool like PortExpert (Freeware) to search your local network for the current IP-address of the black box.


If you got it, use an internet browser for connection to the black box.

Hopefully the Screen black box comes with a web interface for adjusting an IP-address. This is usually the case with these boxes (e.g. Ethersetter box)

Maybe you got the attached PDFs already, but for safety....

Best regards


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