Using Slip Sheets in Properties

Kyle Arn

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So I have a Ricoh 8120pro I'm using Fiery Front end. Typically if I print a book that needs slip sheets I usually go through and insert a blank sheet from the Imposition layout. But I was curious as how to set up slip sheets from the properties under Media. Basically I'm trying to avoid having to define the media for the Slip sheets so that I can just load them into the interposer trays and go. I appreciate any feedback.

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Have you tried using Mixed Media in the Media section of Job Properties? You could either select Covers or New Insert. Make sure the paper weight is the same or close to the weight of the body stock so that you're not waiting for the fuser to heat up/cool down. If you're using the post-fuser interposer tray you're limited to 90gsm anyway.


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Are you using Command Workstation? If so under media there is a slip sheet option. You select it, select the tray your slip sheets are coming from as well as the size.

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