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Hello, Looking to purchase a Graphic Whizard coater for digital work. I've been quoted an XDC370M ASM and being told this unit has easy, push button changeover from gloss, matte, to soft; push button clean up; and nearly no fumes are emitted.
Do other shops out there agree with these statements? Are the new machines really that simple?
I'm also wondering if I should rather be looking at a coater that can do spot coating instead of flood.
I've never been on the coating side before so any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
Hello printing656,

In full transparency I work for Tec Lighting and we manufacture UV coaters.

Unfortunately its not quite that simple. With any UV coater there is a certain level of operator interaction to switch between materials and cleaning up. The goal is to simplify it with minimum cross contamination and without much waste. In regards to fumes, there are 2 places that fumes are generated in a UV coater. Ozone being created from the plasma of the UV bulb and odor from the curing process that comes from the coating itself. These things can be mitigated but to say they don't exist is just sales talk. If you have a moment we could speak and I can share a real world expectation of operating a UV coater. my number is 714-715-5868 Dan. Thank you

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