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We currently use XmPie Desktop version to do all our VDP mailings, and it works great for the mailings that we do. However, we now have a customer that wants to send emails as well as postcards. These emails will need to swap out images, and maybe colors based on the data.

Any suggestions on what software I need to look at, or even what terms to lookup? I believe that XmPie server would do this, however, I am looking for a less expensive option. Not sure about MailChimp or the like. but I am open to SAAS for this. Actually I think I would prefer SAAS and let someone else worry about the technical sides of sending so may emails.



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You really need to use an ESP (Email Service Provider) for this process. There are many legal regulations with regard to email deployment, and, unless your IP address is registered as a mass email deployment address, you may find yourself blacklisted as a spammer which, essentially, will shut down ALL email communications in, or, out of your operation. Once on a black list, it is damned-near impossible to get off of it, even if it was an honest mistake.

We use XMPie server (multi-instance). However, our ESP is "ExactTarget" (Our XMPie server generates the variable image, variable data emails, and then transfers to ExactTarget for actual deployment). ExactTarget then handles the deployment, delivery statistics, response metrics, and the legal "opt-out" response lists.

Until this portion of your business really gets up and going, I would recommend using an SAAS solution that will handle the whole process. There are many out there.


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Thanks everyone for the input. After looking at things this last weekend, I to have also come to the conclusion that I need to use an external expert for this type of thing. Currently I am favoring but would be glad to take recommendations/reviews.

This is not something we are going to try and sell but rather a request from a current very large customer. Large enough that I can not ignore the request or I would not even be looking into this.

Glad to take any and all recommendations.


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