Versant 3100 EX-P 1.2 EFI Fiery



Question pertaining to a Xerox Versant 3100 in relation to mixed media printing - specifically to 5.5x8.5" stock. Short end of it - I cannot get to this to work correctly. I own a 700i (w/ Fiery) as well - when printing from a .pdf - I can select "choose paper source by .pdf size" - the 700 has the 5.5.x8.5" loaded - and set on the machine tray settings (after closing tray door) - hit print - call it a day.

The 3100 - when selecting paper source by .pdf size - the print preview image will not adjust to 8.5x5.5" it recognizes the 'document' is 5.5x8.5" however, the 'paper' goes from 8.5x11" to 10.13x7.2" (vs 5.5x8.5" screen shots included for both). (Stock Library Manager has the trays matching 5.5x8.5").

The screen shots provided are from the same pdf, just selecting the 700 and 3100.

I've tried the three drivers EFI has available 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

(the next step it to print 8.5x11" w/ 5.5x8.5" in the same job, mixed media, which I currently can on my xerox 700i - i'm questioning if this can switch trays/media in the same job - again the 700i can - no issue - no special settings outside of what is mentioned above).

If more information is needed please let me know!




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Are you using Hot Folders? It disables the mixed media option once you run it through Impose and/or Hot Folders. I can't actually remember which is the factor that stops mixed media, as basically all of our Hot Folders are tied to an Impose setting.


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Couldn't you just go into the job properties in CWS and select the media that you want it to use to print the job? That is what I usually do.


Hi AP90,

That works for just printing to one media stock - I apologize for not following up - as my issue now is mixed media - how can I get this print 8.5x11" and 5.5x8.5" in the same job w/out dictating each page to a tray? If I have a 3,000 page - defining each page as to what tray source should be used it too circuitous.

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