Versant 80 - Any tips on getting a Matt Look on solids (as less shiny as possible)


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Hi everyone

When running solids on an uncoated paper on our Xerox Versant 80 the image still has a shiny finish to it. I'm not expecting to see results as I would get from litho printing but does anyone have any tips on getting as close to a matt look as possible.


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There are setting you can change but the downside is proper fusing or feeding. In your paper setting you should be able to lower the fuser temp slightly. Or, you can try lower paper weight settings. As for the gloss, it is what it is and changing these settings will make little difference. Try Matte/Dull coated paper as I think they look better then uncoated stock when looking for less gloss.


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As DYP said you might be able to get somewhere close to what you are after but it will probably be at a price of improper fusing. I find the Versant already looks pretty matte especially compared to the J75 which had a much shinier toner.

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