What’s are some good printers for printing on cardstock?


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I would use the ones for hire at the local store that offers that service along with office supplies and whatnot. Staples, for example, or whoever does this locally.
These guys need to keep their printers in good repair and I don’t have to. I don’t have much luck with my personal inkjet printers, I am doing pretty good it I can get them to print on regular printer (cardstock printing online) paper. But then, we have a lot of cats so that doesn’t help.
What’s are some good printers for printing on cardstock?
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Digital printing presses that this forum is likely familiar with are going to run 5 to 7 figures, but can print 10s of thousands of sheets of cardstock at full photo quality in a day. How many cards do you need to do per day and how much can you budget for printing services vs buying your own printer and repairing it? You might be better off going to a professional printshop and not a box store that has inexpensive office copiers.

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