what is a PostScript 3 Unit Type M42 to a Ricoh C5300s?


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We print (& often reprint) single files, (mostly single sided) pretty sure imposition is diy within indesign (templates). Almost exclusively pdfs. Our prepress/production bloke is technically savvy. The only adjustments I know we currently make in the fiery app are to quantities, moving the image up down or across 1-2mm and sometimes Turn the saturation up to 115% so the colours are punchier.

I would love to know if forum members think we need to spend $4.5kUS on the (embedded) fiery rip for a proposed 5300s or is an M42 adequate?

You can adjust image position on the printer operating panel without the fiery. I don't know about being able to adjust any colors without the Fiery in the driver. You can store and reprint without the Fiery. If you are just printing single pages it probably doesn't matter but you have more output options with the Fiery like you can pick faceup, face down, normal or reverse order.
the C5300/10 has an in-built Ricoh controller which can be used as a regular printer driver alongside the Fiery ( at least it can with our external fiery ).

I don't know if that is going to give you enough scope to handle colour management issues, calibration, paper profiles etc though.
In my opinion that is a fair investment that will keep open the possibility to widen your offerings when desired / needed.


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