What is your standard of registration tolerance between C-M-Y-K?


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Hi Experts,

In offset sheetfed, as my humble knowledge, we should get good color-registration to ensure the good quality in offset printing. So could you please share your point about the standard for registration tolerance between process colors?

As my recent condition, I create a registration mark with 0.06 mm width in prepress and ask printer to adjust until we can not see chromatic color (C, M, Y) easily on the edges of registration marks (10x magnifier glass).

What is your number? How could you control registration?
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ISO 12647-2:2013 The average of colour register centres shall not exceed 0,10 mm as the largest deviation between any two printed colours.


So, do not forget that the register is subjected to the jobsituation: Sheet-size + weight + 300% TAC all over the area in the background of a White text or just two-coloured thin lines on a white background...

As an average i would say about 0,03mm is practicable and to reach usually (if not much better) with a "normal" print-motive like newsletter-brochures on an up to 70-100 cm sized sheet on a Heidelberger CX102

I had to ask the colleague in the printing room, but i think there is an inbuilt automatically registration-function...



I am so sorry: i had lost a zero in my former typing, (now it is corrected in 0,03 mm)
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0.3 mm is way to much for sheetfed/webfed offset. Maybe in screen printing that'll do, but in offset 0.3 mm off register will result in very poor image definition.
IMHO for format up to 1000x1400 mm 0.1 mm register variation is a max. If one cannot achieve that — then there is something wrong with the press. As for complicated impositions with high TAC unevengly spread over the sheet, with lots of knockout text/lines and thin 2-3-4 color text lines we have trapping and web/sheet growth compensation software


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Do you mean a "Nats Whisker"

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