X-rite Exact Scann VS Techkon SpectroJet


Hi guys:

In our small printing press we want to change the old densitometer. We are evaluating two options:
- X-rite Exact Scann standard + InkKeyControl Software
- Techkon SpectroJet + ExPresso Pro Software
Both have similar prices.

It is for use in Offset B1 Roland 700 - 2 colors.
In our printing press, 80% of the works are in pantone and 20% in CMYK

X-rite owns pantone and the exact comes with the integrated Pantone library. How are pantone colors measured with the Techkon? Do we have to insert the LAB values by hand?

I would appreciate opinions on the pros and cons of both products.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Herndon

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We are researching replacing our older systems and are looking at the same two products.

I have not used the newer X-rite systems, we use the older X-rite intellitrax units on our presses; I have some experience with the Techkon scan units from resent demos and use a Techkon Spectrodens for color management.

For our application: what we do with our spectrodens is measure the pantone from an approved customer ink draw down and make this the color standard for the run; basically we are building our own color library vs using a pantone library.

If you are using PantoneLIVE, 3rd party applications that will let you access PantoneLIVE: Here is a link from the Techkon use website:


Our X-rites handhelds and scanners are older and no longer supported, I can not comment on X-rite customer service since they no longer support their older devices.

Our Techkon handhelds have worked very well with excellent support.

To help us decide on which system to buy we are asking ourselves:

What do we want out of these tools?

How will we define and measure if the tool is successful?

Will the vendor stand by our measurement of success versus fail?

Is the tool robust enough for the work environment?

Does the tool allow provisions for growth/change in process?

Can the tool be repurposed later if we were to buy another press or move to another print method?

Who will provide best support?

Good luck with your decision.



Thanks, Mike.

Do you or someone know if the Exact Scann messes up the spread when it measures a color bar?
How reliable is the BestMach function for color correction?
And the InkCheck function of Techkon?

Our goal is to print according to ISO 12647 (PSO). Is there any ISO specification for Pantone colors? Are these two instruments compatible for the measurement of that standard?


Regarding your two questions above, please see the answers from our technical team at Techkon.

And the InkCheck function of Techkon? The Ink Check function will tell the operator how to change density to achieve the closest possible dE. If the hue of ink is too far off then you will see that the minimum dE is larger than you desire and you would need to remix ink to achieve a better dE.

Our goal is to print according to ISO 12647 (PSO). Is there any ISO specification for Pantone colors? Are these two instruments compatible for the measurement of that standard? That is a great goal, and the Techkon device certainly can help you achieve that. The specification you mention does include amongst other things the standardization of your printing variables including papers, inks and etc. There is no ISO specification for Pantone colors they are just colors that they have named and hold the trademark name for.

The Techkon USA Team


The Techkon USA Team

Thank you very much.

How does Pantone color measure the Techkon spectrophotometer? Does it bring an integrated library? Or, is there to hand-put the LAB values of each color?

Does InkCheck work for pantone colors?

When measuring a sheet with the SprectroJet, does it contaminate the sheets? that is to say, the sheets that you have measured, are there salable or should they be thrown away?

We commented (someone outside these two companies) that soon a new model will come out to replace the SpectroJet. Do you know anything about this?

Is it easy to operate the SprectroJet in a (relatively) large press like B1?

Thanks in advance.

V Dugar

New member
Can you suggest any software which can help to read densities from a color strip/bar with an i1 basic Pro device?

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